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Do depression clinics like yours do psychological testing and assessments on patients?

Few depression clinics are as thorough in assessing patients as we are at A Place of Hope. Our staff performs complete psychological testing and assessments on all of those being treated for clinical depression at our in-patient depression treatment center. As part of our comprehensive approach to depression treatment, our mental health clinic also performs complete medical, fitness and nutritional exams as well. We get to know you inside and out at our recovery center in order to offer the finest clinical support and facilitate a personalized approach to your recovery. Depression Clinics

Find help for clinical depression at A Place of Hope's Center for Counseling and Health Resources. We take as thorough an approach as you'll find at any treatment center, with each person seeking help at our residential treatment facility experiencing the following as part of their treatment program:

  • A "whole-person" recovery program
  • 40 hours per week of clinical care services
  • Complete psychological testing and assessments
  • A solution regimen tailored to your specific needs
  • A complete medical health exam
  • A fitness assessment
  • A medication assessment
  • Complete nutrition/dietary assessment
  • Menu planning

As you can see, you will be well cared for at A Place of Hope.

The comprehensive approach we take when it comes to treatment is a major reason The Center has become such a valued resource of depression help. In order to treat clinical depression it is vital to have assessed the patient completely. We have established a standard for depression clinics as it pertains to comprehensive testing and assessment.

Few depression clinics get to know their patients as thoroughly as A Place of Hope. Clinical depression varies from person to person, emphasizing the need for a personalized treatment program for each individual. Our experts leave no stone unturned in analyzing your mental and physical well-being before making treatment recommendations.

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