Entries by Dr. Gregory Jantz

Examining Your Anxiety

Anxieties speak a language of absolutes. A possibility is a certainty. What could, will. What might, will. But if anxieties speak a language of absolutes, it is not a universal language.

The Road to Happiness

In this world of difficulty and doubt, of struggles and hardships, of compromises and second choices, of injustice and affliction, each person comes to a crossroads in life. There are two roads with signposts on each that say, “Way to Happine

Teenagers and Broken Hearts

Hearts get broken for all sorts of reasons. When things get broken, the first thing you need to do is recognize how much you hurt. In order to get over a broken heart, allow yourself to feel the pain and tell yourself it is okay to hurt. Forgiveness is really good at mending a broken heart. Forgiveness is the key to healing so that you can move on without getting stuck in the pain.