Depression Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Depression Frequently Asked Questions

Depression can be frustrating and confusing. Understanding why depression occurs, and how it can be treated, is an important first step to gaining control over depression.

What are some common signs that I may be in need of depression help?

If you are suffering from depression, help is available at The Center • A Place of HOPE. Are you experiencing sadness, despondency, thoughts of death or suicide? Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, take a shower, prepare  meals, or speak on the phone? Do you have trouble concentrating? Do you experience long periods of disinterest, feeling numb, unable to experience joy or even emotion? Any of these signs can signal depression. Pronounced symptoms can indicate severe depression.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, consult your mental health advisor. Professional depression treatment may be a solution to regain your sense of balance and return to the happy person you know still exists inside of you. The Center • A Place of HOPE is a leading depression treatment center with over 30 years of changing lives for good. We approach depression therapy using a whole-person approach that allows us to get to the core issues behind your disorder. Treatment for depression is not a “one size fits all” proposition. We offer a level of support and compassion as well as an approach to treatment you simply won’t find at other treatment centers and clinics. Look for the signs of depression in yourself, and if you find them don’t wait to seek the mental health help you need.

What is your approach to depression treatment?

Depression treatment at our depression recovery center focuses on a “whole-person” approach, different than other inpatient depression treatment centers. The Center • A Place of HOPE is the #1 facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression and has helped thousands by offering treatment centered on mind, body and spirit. Call today at 1-888-771-5166 to speak to a depression treatment specialist.

Do you offer long-term depression therapy?

The Center • A Place of HOPE offers long-term depression therapy. For those requiring extended treatment, treatment can continue for eight weeks or more. Our whole-person depression care is different from inpatient centers. Clinical depression can take time to overcome, and our depression treatment program and mental health therapy practices take an in-depth, whole person approach to discovering and resolving all contributing factors to one’s depression – emotional, physical, mental, relational, familial, and any other contributors. Treatment includes both working through issues and providing the tools required to maintain recovery.

Do you provide adolescent treatment for depression?

Many adolescents need treatment for depression. The Center is proud to offer adolescents the help they need through our partial hospitalization depression treatment program. Ages accepted for treatment vary, so it is important to speak with a treatment specialist and the admissions team to discuss the age, maturity, and living arrangements for the individual. Generally, 17 years old is a minimum age, but The Center can make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Adolescent treatment involves therapy as well as all of the other aspects of our whole-person approach, and has helped countless young people overcome severe depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and other co-occurring issues. We are committed to providing help for depression for patients of all ages, and the adolescent population is one of the most important groups we serve.

Is there a depressed adolescent in your life in need of mental health help? If so, the professionals at The Center • A Place of HOPE’s mental health clinic can help them to overcome depression and work toward a brighter future. Call 1-888-771-5166 for more information.

What kind of depression support do you offer for patients in terms of qualified staff?

Those in search of a depression support group will find one of the most qualified and talented treatment teams in the world at The Center • A Place of HOPE. Recognized as a Top 10 Facility for the treatment of Depression, treatment takes the form of our whole-person approach to recovery.

Compassionate care is provided by a diverse staff featuring licensed counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors and nurses, fitness trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, ordained clergy and more. Our partial hospitalization residential depression treatment clinic is a place awash in caring support. The emotional and clinical support you’ll find within our walls can help you overcome depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and other byproducts of your challenges. call 1-888-771-5166 to speak with a treatment specialist.

Can both men and women find mental health help at A Place of HOPE?

Mental health help, including depression help, is available to both men and women at The Center • A Place of HOPE. We offer a unique approach to treatment compared to other treatment centers, one that works for patients of both sexes and all ages. Programs include treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, chemical, prescription drug and alcohol addiction, behavioral addiction, trauma and more.

Male or female, older or younger, we help individuals overcome even the deepest of depression. Call 1-888-771-5166 to learn more or to get help today.

Do you offer treatment for those who have contemplated or attempted suicide?

Seeking help for depression is vital, as depression can escalate to include suicidal thoughts or attempts. The Center • A Place of HOPE offers compassionate and proven mental health help in the form of a whole-person approach to recovery, includng for those who have considered suicide. Even if you have attempted suicide, call The Center • A Place of HOPE. We can help you return to balance, strength and happiness.

Few, if any, partial hospitalization inpatient treatment centers offer what The Center does in terms of the scope of our staff and services. The Center • A Place of HOPE is home to experienced mental health professionals with extensive experience treating depression, including cases involving suicide risks.

An individualized form of treatment is what you’ll find at our recovery center, as we work to get to the core of the issues responsible for your depression. You will also find unconditional, unwavering compassion and support. If you or a loved one has had or acted on suicidal thoughts, we can help. call us today at 1-888-771-5166.

How long has your depression treatment center been helping patients?

The Center’s depression treatment center has been helping patients to reclaim their lives for more than 30 years. Thousands have successfully recovered from serious depression at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

Our approach is unique, and powerfully effective. The Center utilizes a whole-person approach to depression treatment. Dr. Jantz, the founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, developed whole person care in the 1980’s, and The Center is the leading whole person care facility in the world. Over 30 years, we’ve learned what works, and how important balance of the body, mind and spirit truly is. We invite you to join those who have overcome depression at A Place of HOPE. Call 1-888-771-5166 to speak to a specialist today.

Do depression clinics like yours do psychological testing and assessments on patients?

We conduct an extensive client assessment at The Center • A Place of HOPE. Our staff performs complete physical evaluations, and very thorough psychological testing and assessments. As part of our comprehensive approach to depression treatment, our mental health clinic performs complete medical, fitness and nutritional exams as well. We get to know you inside and out at our recovery center in order to offer the finest clinical support and facilitate a personalized approach to your recovery.

Do your depression treatment centers incorporate follow-up after care after patients leave your facility?

Yes, our depression treatment centers offer follow-up care as part of our in-patient depression treatment program. The Center has an Alumni Coordinator who manage all alumni programs. Included in those programs are a robust and active alumni community. Assets include a content-rich alumni website with an active online community. The Center conducts live monthly webinars and has a strong social media presence.

We also have aftercare coordinators who are available anytime after a client leaves The Center. As part of continuing and building upon the clinical support and mental health help you received at our depression recovery center, we help identify a quality counselor and support groups in your home town.

Our aftercare program goes beyond the scope of most mental health clinics, which is one reason why we have been voted a Top 10 Center for Depression Treatment.

Does The Center accept insurance?

Yes! The Center accepts insurance from multiple providers for depression treatment. In many cases, out of pocket expenses are minimal for even a full depression treatment program.

Call The Center’s admission team at 1-888-771-5166 to learn more about using insurance for your treatment program.