“I Want To Feel Less Anxious”

Kenna’s Story of HOPE

Kenna, 32, had tried treatment at other facilities before. Read a short excerpt from her pre-arrival interview as she prepared for care at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

It’s been building up for years, and I kept hoping it would get better…but it just keeps getting worse…I’ve been to multiple treatment centers, but nothing has worked…I am more jittery and stressed now than I have ever been. I’m beginning to lose hope that I will ever get better…

Anxiety comes on me without warning sometimes and I feel suffocated and so on edge. I just want to feel less anxious so I can function and feel normal…

Would I like to feel relaxed and happy? I would do anything to get back that feeling again…

Now read Kenna’s departure interview after receiving treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

My primary goals in coming to The Center were to work on managing/ending my depression and learning to control my stress and anxiety.

This was the first place, through all of my other inpatient & outpatient treatment centers or care, that I truly began to have hope. Instead of the basic, “lets talk about what happened and how you feel about it,” this was the first place that gave me the TOOLS that I have so desperately needed to find a better way to live…

This is the first place where I was actually challenged to understand where my pain comes from and how to deal with life situations in a healthy way. My experience in treatment was amazing. I would never have imagined that I could come so far. When I came into treatment I just wanted to not feel so bad all the time, but as I’m leaving I have become happy and excited to live life.

I had an amazing team of people who I felt genuinely cared about me and my treatment. I never felt like I was facing things alone.

Anxiety and Depression Can be Debilitating. Expert-level Treatment Can Help You Regain Your Confidence, Your Balance, and Your Life.

Anxiety is a common by-product of depression. Today, it can be referred to as a co-occurring issue, or a dual-diagnosis disorder. Whatever the term, the effects can be devastating. If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, it can be tempting to give up hope.

But don’t lose hope when there is proven, compassionate care available for you. The Center • A Place of HOPE has a world-renowned staff with years of experience treating individuals suffering from both depression and other disorders like anxiety, stress, PTSD, severe eating disorders, and even chemical and alcohol dependency.

When you are feeling your life is on the line, know that there are a precious few facilities that have the full staff of experienced professionals – licensed medical, naturopathic doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, counselors and treatment specialists, nutritionists and spiritual counselors – who have successfully treated thousands suffering from co-occurring disorders. The Center  A Place of HOPE is one of the very best, recognized as the Voted in the Top 10 depression treatment facilities in the U.S.

Kenna Made the Decision To Reclaim Her Life. You Can Too.

Kenna had been to numerous other facilities before she discovered The Center • A Place of HOPE. Tired of going to treatment center after treatment center, Jenna was finally convinced by a friend that The Center was different.

Though skeptical when she arrived, she quickly realized the difference in treatment. Her professional treatment team was assigned just to her, designing a specific program that addressed Jenna’s unique life issues and needs. They took the time to get to know Jenna completely, learning about all of her life issues that had contributed to her current situation. And then they worked closely with her on all facets of her – The Center • A Place of HOPE’s acclaimed whole person treatment approach.

Her personal testimony speaks volumes. Treating all the building blocks of Jenna’s life – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual – produced the sought after results that she had, for years, been unable to find elsewhere.

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