“I Want to Feel More Focused”

Ryan’s Story

Ryan, 28, had just gone through a very difficult loss in his life, affecting his ability to focus and function. Read excerpts of his pre-arrival interview before he arrived for care at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

I’m just depressed and I cannot seem to focus and do my job very well anymore. I think my meds are keeping me from being able to concentrate…I try to get more sleep, then I toss and turn. I become more tired. I really haven’t been out of my bedroom for days…

I try to give myself a pep talk, then end up feeling worse and worse.  I want to feel more focused like I was a few years ago. Life seemed pretty easy, I guess…then I lost my job. And then I suffered another much more difficult loss. Now I just can’t seem to get it back. I’m exhausted, unhappy…I feel alone and that there is no one who can help.

Now read some of Ryan’s departure interview after receiving treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

My goal was to lower my depression and anxiety and work on acceptance of a difficult loss. The treatment team went above and beyond what I had expected in terms of total overall care. They helped me in ways I didn’t realize I needed help…

It was a difficult experience getting off of the medications I was on but they did their best to make it as comfortable as possible and they helped me get through and get more healthy.

I truly did not believe that I could ever feel the way I am feeling today. It is a miracle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I feel I have my life back and I am excited about the future.

Depression Can Be Overwhelming

One of the effects of depression is the inability to concentrate and focus. Are you or a loved one suffering from depression, anxiety or stress? If so, you understand the deep frustration and pain in not being able to focus or have the energy to engage in conversation.

Ryan was in a place of numbness, unable to muster the strength to focus. Over time, he started to shut down, withdrawing to his bedroom. Eventually he had trouble getting to the shower in the morning or making even a small meal. He quit going out in social settings. His friends worried about him, but over time they had their own lives that consumed them.

Ryan felt alone…and he had no idea how to get out of his predicament. His mother made an appointment for him to see a therapist. He couldn’t get out of bed and missed the appointment. She re-scheduled and this time came by to pick Ryan up. He was asleep when she arrived and hadn’t bathed in days. He skipped that appointment too. He seriously wondered whether he could ever muster the strength to get bathed, clothed, fed and to an appointment. His mother feared not just for Ryan’s health, but his life.

One Call Can Change Your Life

In despair, she called The Center • A Place of HOPE. We spoke with Ryan’s mother, then asked to speak to Ryan. We spoke for an hour, then agreed to talk again the next day. We spoke twice on that day, each time for over an hour. We explained the caring team of world-class professionals that was ready to welcome Ryan, work with him to heal his entire self – his mind, body and spirit.

We described the time he would spend with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, fitness coaches, licensed depression counselors and therapists, dieticians and nutritionists to help him prepare healthy and energizing meals, and even spiritual counselors to strengthen his faith if he desired.

Ryan made the bold decision to get help. And with the encouragement from his mother and The Center • A Place of HOPE, he did make this important appointment!

Ryan will be the first to tell you it was not easy at first. But day by day, through work with his nutritionists, counselors and medical doctors, his energy and focus returned. He worked through the painful issues that he uncovered with his treatment team.

Then came the smiles, and the laughter…and the real Ryan emerged again.

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