Overcoming Personal Barriers

It is time for you to be serious about your physical health so you can be better prepared to deal with your emotional health.  I’ve always believed in the concept of “whole person,” that you must deal with your issues from an emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual point of view, in order to enhance healing and recovery.  How you feel physically has a tremendous influence over how you feel emotionally.

Each person has a set of personal barriers to overcome in order to achieve the desire for better health.  For some of you, those barriers come in the form of chronic conditions or even disease processes.  For others, the barriers are psychological in nature.  For most, there are always spiritual components to any barrier.

Go through and identify your personal barriers.  Then, come up with action steps you can take today to assist you in moving past those barriers.  Below is a list of components to consider.  Think about each one and write down any barrier you have to attaining that goal.  Along with the barrier, write down a reason why.  Naming the barrier isn’t enough; you need to give a reason for why it exists.

If you have already achieved the goal as a regular pattern in your life, identify why this aspect is so important to you.  What are the benefits you derive from it and why are you motivated to continue?

Here is the list:

  1. Eat healthily
  2. Maintain a healthy weight
  3. Be careful what you put into your body
  4. Exercise
  5. Take a multivitamin
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Get restful sleep
  8. Consider hormonal support

Maybe you have a barrier to eating healthily because your food choices have always been a way to feed your emotions and not your body.  Or, maybe exercise conjures up a picture of a huffing, puffing, sweaty person who is vastly uncomfortable, and even the thought of doing anything strenuous is daunting.

Go through the list and circle the numbers where you have not been successful in achieving your goals.  This is your barrier list.  You need to ask yourself why not?  When dealing with motivation, the why nots in your mind are often clambering incessantly to climb to the top of your consciousness.  Some of them are legitimate issues that need to be factored into your life and actions.  Others can be like whiny children, demanding your attention and validation.  Only you know which are which.

Even if a barrier is legitimate, like a physical handicap or condition, I still want you to meditate on ways to mitigate the strength of that barrier.  There are many people – society calls them heroes – who face significant challenges but refuse to quit in the face of them.  Instead, with determination and courage, they press on to their goal, like Paul says in Philippians 3:12-14.  More times than not, overcoming a barrier will require action; it will require pressing on.  This presents a picture of moving forward even through opposition.

It is time for you to identify one way you can press on toward each of these goals in your life.  I’m just looking for one.  If you think of others, go ahead and put them down, but start with one.  Start with one step toward the prize, and then when your foot is firmly planted going forward, move the other foot and take the next step.  Step by step, press on to your goal.

Authored by Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE and author of 30 books. Pioneering whole-person care nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Jantz has dedicated his life’s work to creating possibilities for others, and helping people change their lives for good. The Center • A Place of HOPE, located on the Puget Sound in Edmonds, Washington, creates individualized programs to treat behavioral and mental health issues, including eating disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety and others. For more information about depression treatment, fill out this form or call 1-888-747-5592 to speak confidentially with a specialist today.