Testimonial from People We’ve Helped

Denise, 48 – Female
I came here wanting to find hope and the will to “LIVE” again. I had given up on life. After 48 years of living the way I was the bottom fell out and I could no longer mask it or pretend. My treatment team was incredible; every single person on this team is very good at their gift. Their honesty, transparency and own personal life experiences make them relatable and trustworthy.

Medically, what I learned here about how the body and mind work together or against each other in my diagnosis and recovery is probably the most valuable thing I walked away with. You saved my LIFE… to be continued now… and I am extremely satisfied. This is truly a place of hope!

Kimberly, 43 – Female
I was having troubles with depression and was trying to cope with it by using alcohol. From the moment I got here I really liked my treatment team. I felt they all met my needs and answered my questions as I had them. I had a good experience with my medical team as well. My primaries were especially helpful. I felt like they really paid attention to me and my individual needs.

I just feel very fortunate that I was able to come here and get the help I needed. Now I can return home and use these tools and continue on my road to recovery. Overall I am extremely satisfied.

Teresa, 63 – Female
I came to The Center to deal with issues of alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety and on a quest for spiritual renewal. My time here has been incredible, and my personalized team gave me a wonderful set of tools to use in my ongoing recovery. I learned a great deal from our visits together and enjoyed every minute of our time.

You helped to lead me out of the deep pit of depression and hopelessness and put me on a path of peace, joy and health as a person. I am leaving The Center with solid, concrete tools for life. What a blessing this staff has been! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am extremely satisfied.

Stacy, 38 – Female
I came to The Center because I needed professional help that had a Christian base as well as the ability to help me deal with my anxiety- and depression-related issues. My personally tailored team were perfect for what I needed and each of them held me accountable at all times and cared for me in exactly the way I needed. I am overjoyed to be able to learn the tools I can take home and put into practice on a day-to-day basis. Thank you for helping me find myself again!

Jenna, 31 – Female
This was the first place, through all of my other inpatient & outpatient treatment centers or care, that I truly began to have hope. Instead of the basic, “lets talk about what happened and how you feel about it”, this was the first place that gave me the TOOLS that I have so desperately needed to find a better way to live. This is the first place where I was actually challenged to understand where my pain comes from and how to deal with life situations in a healthy way. This is the beginning of a long process but it gave me the jump start I needed and the tools to continue building a new life for myself.

Brenda, 35 – Female
I am close to tears when I think about how broken I was when I came here. I am leaving with a sincere sense that I can do this. I am good enough, important enough, and worth all the love that I can muster for myself. I have a different appreciation for the people in my life, as well as a better connection to God, who is the reason that I am so wonderfully imperfectly perfect. I now have faith that he has a great plan for me, and I have only believe and love myself to know what that plan is. I never thought I would leave here with such a feeling of grace. This was my little piece of heaven, and now I get to go back to my reality on earth and spread some of my newfound love of life. I cannot be more grateful that Dr. Jantz created this place, as part of His divine plan for him.

Cathy, 31 – Female
When I came here, I had no hope. I didn’t want to live. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. I’ve learned that I am valuable. The people here do understand. I am not “crazy.” I want to live, not for just for family, but for me. “Where once I was blind, now I see.”

Natalie, 29 – Female
I would like to first tell you that your program at the Center has changed my life. I knew I was struggling, I felt I needed help but didn’t know what help I needed. I felt stuck, alone and hopeless. I had been crying out to God for him to help me out of that place I was in for some time and I believe he answered that cry and used you and all the wonderful people at the Center. When I arrived at the Center it was the first time in months that I felt safe, loved, and hopeful. I learned that I was suffering from depression and had more issues than I thought, but I was given so many great tools to overcome these.

Josh, 27 – Male
My goal was to lower my depression and anxiety and work on acceptance of a difficult loss. The treatment team went above and beyond what I had expected in terms of total overall care. They helped me in ways I didn’t realize I needed help. It was a difficult experience getting off of the medications I was on but they did there best to make it as comfortable as possible and they helped me get through and get more healthy.

David, 29 – Male
My goal in coming to The Center • A Place of HOPE was to deal with my depression and anxiety, so that I could learn other ways to deal with problems besides self-medicating with alcohol.

It was a very positive experience. It made it so much easier to relate and be able to talk with counselors who have gone through similar trials and struggles. I didn’t feel like I was just talking to someone with the training but not the experiences similar to mine. They taught me ways to deal with stressful situations and helped me in the steps I need to take from here.

I am very happy I finally made the choice to seek help and I was blessed by finding this place online. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect being my first time in a treatment center but my experience here has been very good. Definitely worth it.

James, 59 – Male
I was somewhat anxious about the religious aspect before coming, but if there was ever a positive example of Christianity, The Center is it. While I’m not a believer, I know it’s no longer something I need to be wary of. I was treated with the utmost respect the entire time, and my views were never challenged or criticized. That has been a gift as well, and I leave here with some very close friends. We are close without regard to our differences. It has been very liberating and refreshing and I thank everyone at The Center for your professionalism and support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a new life, and it is nothing less than that. Thank you.

Jasmine, 50 – Female
My goal when coming to The Center • A Place of HOPE was to get out of the deep dark hole of depression I was in, and learn why I hated myself so much.

I loved the “Depression” groups. We’d discuss a topic for an hour or so and it was always a very profound topic with a great lesson. Then we would play a game, which we all needed to lighten the “mood.” Renee is top notch. I learned so much from her.

I absolutely loved everyone on the team. They work so closely “behind the scenes” putting a plan together just for me and made sure it was changed as needed. I learned something from every single person on my treatment team. I can’t thank or say enough great things about them. I don’t think I’d be here today with them.


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