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Whole-Person Approach to Depression Treatment

People arrive at the point of depression from many different places, indicating there are a variety of paths to recovery. In short, there is no one answer for depression and no single path to recovery. Just as the reasons for depression are a varied as the individuals who suffer from it, the paths to recovery […]

10 Ways Unfulfilled Expectations May Be Bringing You Down

Life can be challenging enough within the context of real-time, everyday circumstances. But add to that unexpected expectations learned over the course of a lifetime, and even the simplest of daily experiences can look and feel insurmountable. 1) Do you feel like things need to be perfect in order for you to be happy? You […]

Taking Inventory of Your Life: 6-Step Journaling Activity

“We get caught up in life’s flow, whether good, bad, or neutral. Wherever the current takes us we go. It’s as if we’re on autopilot, but depression happens when our autopilot gets stuck in a negative descent.” ~Turning Your Down Into Up: A Realistic Plan For Healing From Depression Now and then, it’s a good […]

October Is National Depression Awareness Month

“It takes courage to look at your pain from a fresh approach. It takes courage to understand the need to change. It takes courage to step out in faith and act.” ~Turning Your Down Into Up: A Realistic Plan For Healing From Depression by A Place of Hope founder, Gregory L. Jantz, PhD Many people […]

The Power of Intentional Response: Positive Self Talk

If you know what it’s like to feel at the mercy of your mood, you may be pleasantly surprised to realize you have more power than you think. In fact, what you’re thinking is the very thing that can determine whether your mood turns good or bad. Every day, we have experiences that illicit in […]

Depression in the Workplace Affects Employers and Workers

More than ever before, depression has become an issue in America. Clinical depression is known to negatively affect your health, social interactions and personal relationships; and it can also affect your job or career. According to a recent Gallup Poll, about 12 percent of American workers have been diagnosed with depression at some point, and […]

You Are Not Alone If You Suffer From Depression

Depression is a common, yet severe, mental illness that can drastically affect a person’s mood and everyday life. Common symptoms of depression are: long term sadness, loneliness, loss of interest in everyday activities, anger, frustration, and loss of energy. In October 2012, the World Health Organization reported that more than 350 million people Healthline reports […]