Depression With Anxiety (Co-Occurring Disorder)

Depression with another disorder is referred to as a co-occurring, or dual diagnosis, disorder.

Depression Often Accompanies a Co-Occurring Disorder

Depression with anxiety, PTSD, OCD, an eating disorder or a chemical or behavioral addiction are common co-occurring disorders. While depression alone can be debilitating, when coupled with anxiety or other disorders, your well-being can be in danger.

Co-occurring disorders can feel like a “perfect storm,” hitting you hard with two different and powerful forces. Depression or anxiety do not just go away. Together, they not only do not get better, they can paralyze your ability to function.

There is HOPE. Treatment Can Restore Your Inner Strength & Balance.

Co-occurring disorders are powerful. But so is a quality treatment program. The Center • A Place of HOPE team is recognized as a world leader in the treatment of co-occurring disorders that include depression.

Do not live in the pain and hopelessness of a co-occurring disorder like depression with anxiety. The Center has helped thousands with co-occurring disorders, and we are here to help you now. Call us at 1-888-771-5166 today to learn how a whole-person treatment program can restore your peace and happiness.

My Depression and Anxiety are Crippling. Can I Really Be “Cured”?

Depression with Anxiety or another disorder can deepen over time, and become more and more difficult to pull yourself out.  The Center • A Place of HOPE is recognized among the Top 10 Facilities in the U.S. for the treatment of depression, and we specialize in treating the coexisting issues of anxiety and depression.

We Understand What You Are Going Through.

We know how you can absolutely be experiencing both depression and anxiety at the same time. More importantly, we know how to care for you, and treat your symptoms. We work closely with you to restore your energy, balance, hope and happiness.

How Does The Center • A Place of HOPE Treat Co-Occurring Disorders?

The Center specializes in treating co-occurring disorders like depression with anxiety. We know you are in a fragile state, and we care for you in a supportive and compassionate way. You likely have multiple life experiences that have contributed to your current condition, and we take the time needed to uncover all of them. We work through each one in order to begin the process of healing. But we not only work through those life issues, we provide you with real tools and techniques that help you gain dominion over your disorders. We work with you every day to practice, all while healing your mind, body and spirit.

Please call 1-888-771-5166 now to discuss what a co-occurring disorder treatment program can look like for you. 


The Center • A Place of HOPE has beautiful, modern and very comfortable condominium-style housing. Most have decks and patios, and all have spacious living rooms and new, full kitchens. Each apartment is steps away from the quaint, quiet village that provides a beautiful, soothing backdrop for quiet walks amidst stunning surrounding nature. Your lodging, including housekeeping, laundry and linen services, is included at no additional cost.

Whole-Person Care at The Center • A Place of HOPE

Treatment for the entire you — your mind, body and spirit 

Whole-person care treats all aspects of your life – physical, mental, relational, emotional, nutritional, fitness, spiritual. Only in this way can you experience complete healing for your mind, body and spirit. You work through all components of your life, identifying and working through those areas that have contributed to your current condition.

The result is a deeper, longer-lasting and more complete recovery.

Your Very Own “Dream Team.” World-Class Professionals Assigned Just to You

We assign a team of world-class, board-certified and licensed professionals just for you. Team members are highly specialized in treating co-occurring disorders. They include licensed medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, dietitians, mental health counselors, eating disorder specialists (as might be required), chemical dependency counselors (as might be required). We also provide fitness trainers, marriage and family counselors, and ordained clergy for spiritual support. 

Your team creates the treatment program that is uniquely tailored for you. It is designed for your individual needs and life experiences. By taking this approach, we succeed in returning you to a place of lasting health and wellness.

Call us at 1-888-771-5166 today to learn how a whole-person treatment program can restore your peace and happiness.