“I Want To Feel More Whole”

Elise’s Story of Hope and Healing

Elise, 49, was really struggling post-divorce with a sense of hopelessness and complete emptiness. Read a short excerpt from her pre-arrival interview before arriving for care at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

After my divorce, I felt so empty and alone. I functioned day to day, but felt hollow inside. I talked, but didn’t remember what I said. I smiled but only out of muscle memory. Where I was alive before, I felt completely numb…

I literally feel as though I have lost my will to carry on.  I want to feel whole again…I want to feel real energy, feel alive, have a purpose. I must say I’m not sure it is possible anymore.

Now read Elise’s comments upon her departure interview after receiving treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

I came here wanting to find hope and the will to “LIVE” again. I had given up on life. After 49 years of living the way I was the bottom fell out and I could no longer mask it or pretend. My treatment team was incredible; every single person on this team is very good at their gift. Their honesty, transparency and own personal life experiences make them relatable and trustworthy.

Medically, what I learned here about how the body and mind work together or against each other in my diagnosis and recovery is probably the most valuable thing I walked away with. You saved my LIFE… to be continued now… and I am extremely satisfied. This is truly a place of hope!

Get Your Life Back. Feel Whole. Feel Alive.

Elise’s is a story of hope.

Can you imagine living 49 years, working hard, raising a family and having had hopes and dreams of a happy future…and then realizing you are waking up every morning feeling as if life is not worth living? Elise was beyond that.

Too many of us are feeling the exact same hopelessness right now. Perhaps you feel this way. As much as you never expected to be in this situation, you are here. And it is very real.

But there is truly hope. The truth is that even the deepest depression can experience remarkable improvement. Even the emptiest, loneliest, saddest, most numb among us can have the promise of a balanced, happy and purposeful future.

Elise dared to believe. And she summoned the courage to seek help at The Center • A Place of HOPE, the Voted in the Top 10 depression treatment facilities in the U.S. She will tell you that it was a bit scary at first, the thought of traveling to receive treatment from people she had never met.

But upon arrival, Elise felt blessed. Her accommodations were so warm, comfortable and modern. Her caring treatment team of world-class professionals showed compassion, true caring and empathy for her struggles.

Most importantly, they spent the time to get to know everything about Elise, her entire life experiences that had contributed to her current situation. Her team then worked with her daily on her physical health, her fitness, her diet, her spiritual growth and her relaxation techniques.

They worked through each issue that was causing the pain and hurt. She worked through childhood issues that she had never been able to truly admit still wounded her. She dealt with the pain of broken trust, unfaithfulness, and abandonment.

Ultimately she worked on forgiveness, not just for others, but for herself as well. Day by day, Elise strengthened, grew…and then she began to smile again.

When Elise left, her laughter and the sparkle in her eye filled the facility. If Elise can make the call for help, so can you.

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