“I Want to Get My Life Back”

Michael’s Story

Michael, 30, knew he needed help when he sought treatment for depression. Read some of his pre-arrival interview before arriving at The Center • A Place of HOPE.

I’ve had so many traumatic experiences in my life. My father was abusive…and an alcoholic. My mom was never around and I started to use drugs. When I was younger, I felt lost and headed down the wrong path, whatever path that was…

I always figured I’d grow out of it. I got married, had two kids….then my wife left. And now, I’m 30 and I am depressed, continue to use meds and alcohol, and still have not really dealt with all the things that got me to this point…

Deep down I know I can accomplish a lot and be a good person… but I need help. I want to get my life back…

Now read the difference as Michael relates his experience at The Center • A Place of HOPE upon his departure interview.

How does one choose from greatness! Each of the members of my team contributed significantly to my recovery in unique ways. I walked away from each session with something more to work on and process. Each of them has been instrumental in causing me to become aware of healthy patterns of thinking and how to apply them to foster healthy relationships with myself and others.

My medical team was AWESOME. I had a great connection with everyone involved with my treatment, and I feel truly lucky that I was given such a wonderful group of people to help me in my recovery. They pushed me really hard, but never so far that I felt uncomfortable or angry with them. They are the reason I have come so far.

I loved how each aspect of health was addressed here…the ‘whole person’ experience.

Life passes so quickly, doesn’t it? For many of us we race out of school to our first job, then take a new job, then we get transferred to a new city. We meet that special person and start a family. Then kids, proms, new cars, saving for college…before we know it, ten years flies by.

But in those years, we let a few things build up. And then we realize that there were a lot of things from before those ten years that we never resolved…and they are starting to cause real problems.

How does that happen – that things that we thought we buried and “dealt” with as a child, or teenager, or even as a young adult, now come roaring back to throw our lives into a tailspin? Then we add on the pressures of bills, strife with family members of spouses, our kids hating us one minute and needing us the next. And all the while, we never stop to take an introspective assessment of where we are personally.

It is almost easier that way, to pretend things are okay. Until they really, really are not. And we recognize we are well beyond the capacity of being able to “fix” ourselves alone.

That was Michael. Are you, today, where Michael was? Do you know a friend or loved one who is in this same situation. It happens. To a lot of us. Michael recognized his situation. And he made he brave decision to get help.

Hope and Healing

But there is hope. And not just hope, but proven healing and the promise of a future filled with joy, balance and purpose. At The Center • A Place of HOPE, we have successfully treated thousands suffering from depression, anxiety and stress for over 30 years. We were recently Voted in the Top 10 depression treatment facilities in the U.S.

We do it through an approach called whole person care, treating the entire you – your mind, body and spirit. We take the time to get to know you well and all of your life events that have contributed to your current situation. We then assemble your very own team of world-class professionals – medical and naturopathic doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, licensed counselors, therapists, nutritionists and dieticians, and spiritual counselors – and work with you daily to get you back to being the person you know is still inside you.

Your accommodations are modern, clean, warm and comfortable. Condominium-style living is highlighted by state-of-the-art kitchens, large living spaces and cozy bedrooms. You are steps away from the Puget Sound and the quaint, artsy village of Edmonds, Washington.

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Begin the journey to reclaim your life. At The Center • A Place of HOPE, we truly care about your well-being, and we can help you.


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